Past Events...

6 December
Christmas Market
Time: 12:00 to 18:00.
There will be food, art, crafts and live music.

New Year's Eve Dinner&Party
Price: 50€ per person (including a bottle of wine and cava). Time: 20:30

October/ November.
Horse-trekking Special (2 days and one night).
3 & 4/ 17 & 18 October. 31 & 1 November.
For more information contact the hotel.

November 7 and 8 (Saturday and Sunday)
Live music, Luke Williams and his band.

2 September
Art exhibition Lucila Veloz.
Time 20:00. Lucila Veloz Mexican arquitect living in Cordoba since she was 17.

13 August.
Acoustic concert by Sara Banda
Time 21:00

5 August. Night of Art&Fashion.
Exhibition by Marta Fuster de Barutell and Refashioned by Heike Tiedemann.
Time: 20:00

21 March
Cooking course organized by the mycological society Chantarella.
Reservation only. Price 15€. Start at 17:00

13 to 15 of February
St. Valentine's Special
Special menu, only dinners. For reservations please call 956 64 81 30

New Year's Eve Dinner&Party.
Reservation only. For reservations please call 956 64 81 30

Sunday 7 de December.
Christmas Market.
Food, art, crafts and live music.

Friday 21 November.
"Art Sale".
Painters Marta Fuster and Nick Marshall.
Friday at 20:00 (exhibition open all weekend).

Mycological Weekend 28, 29 and 30 November
Our Bar/ Restaurant has a special menu for this weekend including our local mushrooms.

Saturday 29 November.
Acoustic concert. Matthew Parkin & Laurance George will cover The Beatles. Time: 21:00

Saturday 15 November.
Live Music. Maka Rubio (voice) and Matín Caló at piano.
Time: 21:30

Saturday 15 November.
Drawing Workshop 'Drawing with the right part of your brain'.
Led by Melissa González-Morgan. Time: 11 to 13. Price: 10 €

9,10 and 11 November
Tempera painting course.
Led by the artist Fernando Martínez Romero. 20 hours, Price 100 euros (materials included. For more information call 956648130

Tuesday 11 November.
Exhibition of the works by the 8 students at the Tempera course.
Time: 20:00

Friday 24 October
Concert. Time: 21:00
Matthew Parkin (ex bass-player of Jesus & the Maruchain) and Laurence George. Voice and guitar.

Thursday 18 September
Wine tasting by Aldonza.

6,7 and 8 June
Intensive course on Tempera Painting.
Led by the artist Fernando Martínez Romero. 20 hours, Price 100 euros (materials included).For more information call 956648130

Wednesday 29 de Marzo
Yoga in our Solarium.
During 6 weeks, every Wednesday and Sunday morning.

We will have Fairlie Gibson as a teacher throughout this period. Followed by a healthy breakfast.

Saturday 1 Marzo
Drawing workshop
Duration: 2 hours and 30 min. Led by: Melissa González-Morgan. Price: 15 Euros.

Thursday 20 Febrero.
Painting exhibition by Marta Fuster.
Time: 20:00. The exhibition will remain open until beginning of April.

Thursday 13 Febrero.
Álvaro Fernandez Gaviría his new album "Blues".
Musician and composer from San Sebastián. At 20:00.

Friday 14, Saturday 15 : dinner and Sunday 16: lunch. February 2013
Inmoral food. For lovers or non-lovers, you must love chocolate and wine.

Friday 31 Enero (1 and 2 Febrero 2014)
Intensive course on Tempera Painting.
Led by the artist Fernando Martínez Romero. 20 hours, Price 100 euros (materials included).For more information call 956648130

Saturday 4 Enero.
Live Music. At 21:00 Luke Williams, Feti Rodríguez on guitar and Fietje on drums.

New Year's Eve Dinner & Party 2013
Live Music. Reservations only, please call 956648130

Sunday 8.
Christmas Market.
12:00 to 19:00.
Food, art, crafts, clothes and music. Face painting for children and Christmas decorations.

Saturday 14 October at 20:00 (until 1 November).
Painting exhibition by Juan Soler.
At 20:00 (Exhibition will remain open until 1 November)

Friday 05 April 2013 | 20:00
Photography exhibition by Chris Klees.
At 20:00 (Exhibition will remain open throughout April)

From Thursday 28 Marzo 2013 | 13:00
Restaurant/bar open for tapas, wines and cocktails.
Open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Saturday 16 March 2013 | 18:00
Reiki talk with Francisco González.

Saturday 16 February 2013 | 21:00
St Valentíne's Special. Inmoral Tapas (recipes from Aphrodite by Isabel Allendeand and Recetas Inmorales by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán) and cocktails.
Live music: Blues with Álvaro Fernández Gaviría.
Exhibition: Love sketches by Melissa González-Morgan.

Monday 31 December 2012 | 21:00
New Year's Eve Dinner&Party (reservations only).
Live music by Chicago Jim & Mandolin Nick.

Tuesday 25 December 2012 | from 14:00
Christmas lunch (reservations only).

Friday 14 - Saturday 15 December 2012 | 19:00
Ceramic exhibition. Ceramist Jan Bradley and her students.
Painting exhibition by Jill Adesigbin.

Sunday 02 December 2012 | 10:00-19:00
Christmas Market. Crafts.

Friday 02 November 2012 | 20:00
Painting exhibition by Marta Fuster de Barutell and Nick Marshall.
Exhibition will remain open for 2 weeks.

Friday 9 October 2012 | 22:00
Jazz Manouche
Camilo & Bruno Garidou

Saturday 13 October 2012 | 21:00
Night of Bach & Blues.
Michael Kevin Jones on the Cello and Álvaro Fernández Gaviria on guitar and harmonica.
Dinner and show 30 €.

Thursday 28 September 2012 | 20:00
Korean dinner by guest chef Phil Hurst.

Sabado 15 September 2012 | 20:00
Francisco José Mañoso will demonstrate Marbling Paper technique, followed by musical improvisation by Feti Rodríguez and Felix Krause.

Friday 3 August 2012 | 22:30
Madam Darina presents ImpulS.O.S. Theatrical performance.

Sabado 18 August 2012 | 22:30
Acoustic concert by "Reverend John".

Friday 13 July 2012 | 22:00
Reopening of the Restaurant party.
Acoustic concert by "Mendrugo", and a group art exhibition "Tu Menu Perfecto". Aperitifs.

Friday 11 May 2012 | 21:30
Acoustic concert by Chicago Jim and Mandolin Nick. (Blues, Rock, Soul.)

Friday 20 April 2012 | 22:00
Marcus Myers, singer and guitarist.
Acoustic Rock

Saturday 7 April 2012
Piano and singing: Raúl Cárdenas "Canciones de siempre" (Tapas will be served).

Friday 6 April 2012
Acoustic concert: Chicago Jim & Mandoline Nick. Blues, Funk, Celta, Soul. From 21:30. (Tapas will be served).

3 Febrero 2012
From Ireland Stuart Doyle & Myriam León. From 21:30 onwards.

31 December
New Year's Ever Dinner&Party
Reservations only. Please contact us for more information.

11 and 18 December
Christmas Market (crafts, food, etc.).

09 and 10 December
Ceramics Exhibition.
Jan Bradley and her students.

01 November - 07 Enero 2012
Group exhibition.
Theme "Silk Route".

November - 17 December (inclusive)
All Saturday nights. Dinners "Via de la Plata".
Old commercial Roman road which links Andalucia with St. Jacque's Way.

Saturday 29 October | 22:00
Special Event to close Silk Route.
We will be serving food from the six countries that participated (Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Persia, Thailand, China). Art exhibition related to the Silk Route, projections and music.

28 October - 2 November
Guitar and Harmonica Workshop.
Workshop will be led by professional musician Álvaro Fernández Gaviría.
Duration: 30 hours.
The workshop will involve recordings and a concert. Availability for part-time.
For more information call Casa Henrietta on 956 64 81 30

October: Chinese Month
Chinese food every Saturday from 20:30.

Won ton soup
Chinese-style aubergine parcels
Pork with peppers and rice
Soy Chicken and noodles
Lettuce with pine nuts and prunes
Pineapple and coconut sorbet from Guandong

September: Thai Month
Every Saturday from 20:00.
Tom Kha Kai
Som Tum
Massaman Currand
Pad Thai
Plah Koonj
Wok fried vegetables
Glaud Quad Chee
Banana in coconut milk

August | 22:00
Every Saturday of the month, Persian Dinners from 20:00.
Aubergine Mousse
Spinach Salad
Carrot Salad
Koreshe Fesenjan
Chelow kebab
Saffron ice-cream
Halwa Kharma
Kharma Fessendjam

12 de August | 22:30
Special Feria Concert: 2 saxophones Ana María Rojas and Sergio Jiménez ( Seryansex).
A selection of tapas will be served.

19 de August | 22:30
Blues concert: From San Sebastián, Alvaro Fernández Gaviria.
Tapas will be served.

22 de July | 22:30
Blues concert: From San Sebastián, Alvaro Fernández Gaviria.
There will be Lebanese tapas served.

14 de July
Sculpture Exhibition by Gonzalo Polo. Exhibition will remain on display until 14 August.

July | Ruta de la Seda: Lybia
Lebanese Dinners. Every Saturday during July.

June | Ruta de la Seda: Greece
Orange and Olive Salad
Feta Greek Salad with Feta cheese
Main Courses
Gandros Meat with potatoes and tsatiki
Lamb Goulash with kritaraki pasta
Greek yogurt mousse with honey and walnuts
Roasted walnuts with wine and sesame
Price: 17€ (including a glass of wine)

May: Silk Route Nights
Destination: Italy
From May onwards, every Friday and Saturday we will hold theme nights exploring the culinary culture of countries on the Silk Route.
We start this journey in Italy. In June we will continue towards Greece, Lebanon, Persia, Thailand and finally China.

April: Thai Month
Every Saturday in April:
Thai Night. Menu 17€
First Course:
Tom Kha Kai or Mango Salad.
Second Course:
Panang Currand or Pad Thai
Knaw Neaw Ma Maung or Glauand Baud Chee.

16/04/2011 | 22:00
Concert Acoustic. Stuart Doyle and Myriam León.

Thai Night. Menu 17€
First Course:
Tom Kha Kai or Mango Salad.
Second Course:
Panang Currand or Pad Thai
Knaw Neaw Ma Maung or Glauand Baud Chee.

24/02/2011 | 20:00
Painting exhibition by Nora Tisnes. The exhibition will finish on Saturday 26/02/2011.

29/01/2011 | 22:00
From Ireland, acoustic concert by Stuart Doyle and Myiriam León. They will be playing songs from the groups Yukina and Annoying Cloud.

08/01/2011 | 22:00
Dak Dyde
Acoustic Blues Rock

New Year's Eve Dinner&Party. Reservations only.

25/12/2010 | 13:00
Christmas lunch. Reservations only.

10 & 11/12/2010
Ceramic exhibition, Jan Bradley (teacher) & students. Opening Friday at 19:00

05/11/2010 | 22:00
Sticky & The Poor Boys
Acoustic Rock

30/10/2010 | 20:30
Painting exhibition displaying results of the Realist Painting course.

Intensive Course on Realist Painting (6 days).

22/10/2010 | 21:30
Flamenco Night
Camilo + Bailaora Purificación Fernandez (traditional Flamenco from Jerez).

09/10/2010 | 22:00
Dak Dyde
Rock Blues Acoustic.

08/09/2010 | 20:00
Notte d`Italia
Italian night, fresh pasta & tiramisu.
Price: 12€ (3 courses).

11/08/2010 | 22:00
Acoustic concert.
Phoebe and Martha Stone

06/08/2010 | 22:00
Camilo & Bailaora Purificación Fernández (traditional Flamenco from Jerez).