Henrietta Studio: Arts, Craft & Design shop

Our main aim is to promote beautiful handmade gifts from local craftsmen, to other corners of the world. In our selection of items you may find ceramis, textiles, jewelley, prints, drawings and much more.

If you are interested in anything in particular please email us and we will be happy to send you more pictures. We also arrange shipping. 

Opening times

Monday to Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sundays: 10am to 2 pm

If you would like to purchase something outside these hours any of our staff will be happy to help you.


At Henrietta Studio

Jan Bradley

Known in the town as "Jan the Pot", she is a retired ceramic teacher from Glasgow who practiced mostly in London. She also spent a few years in Austria and Tasmania.
She has a small workshop in her house where she taught for several years until one day she decided she did not want to teach anymore. Now Jan is dedicated to doing her own work, mainly beautiful bowls and tiles.
She also makes the numbers and names of houses for neighbours. She has quite a characteristic style, if you take a walk through the town and observe the names of several houses you will be able to see which are done by her.

Domingo Calvente

A local to Jimena, and a very kind man. If you are learning Spanish we dare you to have a conversation with him.
He owned a local supermarket most of his life, but is now retired. His passion is to walk in the forest, and on these walks he collects sticks which he later converts into lamps. If the stick has a small extra branch and may look like a penis, that's what it will be; a penis lamp. All the locals are used to this now. Some of his neighbours even crochet him some condoms for these penis-shapes. He also makes sculptures of animals, always using the natural forms that nature has made in the wood.

Alicia Correcher

Alicia Correcher, from Valencia and her husband and architect from Asturias both came to live in Jimena over 30 years ago. They came from the city with the idea to become young farmers. They bought a bunch of sheep and planted fields of oranges. The farm life soon went pear shaped and Alicia became a self taught ceramist and has been perfecting her techniques for many years.
She makes beautiful set of plates, cups, bowls, she takes commissions. 

La Fenicia Atelier

Created by Melissa G Morgan ( also creator of Casa Henrietta ). Her new passion is block printing textiles, her motives are mainly birds (she thinks her grandmother is reincarnated in a bird, she has a feeling it could be a blue budgie ). She prints on everything she can find, at the moment she has robes, kimonos, cushions, lampshades, kitchenware, prints, cards, wallpaper and more. She works from her studio in Jimena, she is planning during 2021 to convert a room of the hotel in the world of La Fenicia.
You can find more of La Fenicia´s work in Instagram.

Kate Donson

Kate Donson has been in Jimena for the last decade. She is a great seamstress and loves working with embroidery. She makes lovely dolls, and embroiders original drawings on t-shirts and bags. She doesn't work on a commercial basis, but she spends most of the year making Christmas presents.
You can see her in the mornings sitting in the square or walking her dogs.

Deborah Gonzalez-Knight

An artist who mainly paints horses, she is known for not shying away from trouble. The local police probably have a huge file of all her incidents, some of which can be quite entertaining. They smile with anticipation whenever she walks through the station doors.
I don't think there will be a problem if you buy one of these beautiful cat door stoppers made of wood.

Melissa Gonzalez Morgan

When you visit our Restaurant you will see these small bowls that wobble with any movement. For breakfast we use them to for jams, butter, honey and in the evening they are used for sauces and olives.
Melissa makes them in Jan Bradley's studio, and even after 8 years Jan is not at all happy that ceramic that wobbles comes out of her studio.
There are many types of designs, Henrietta faces being the most popular, which include different animals and patterns. 

Brian Hackett

He is such a lovely Irish jeweller! Brian lives in the countryside in Jimena and has the most amazing studio where he is always happy to invite you over to see his work. He also makes sculptures of organic shapes in bronze.
He takes commissions for jewellery in precious metals and is always happy to listen to your creative ideas.
Brian and his sculptures can be usually found every Sunday morning in the Sotogrande market or he is always happy to welcome you to his studio en Jimena.

Peter Hems

Hailing from Birmingham, Peter Hems has lived in Jimena for years in the beautiful chapel on the way up to the Castle (hence he is also known as Chapel Pete).
He makes these beautiful tiles at Jan Bradley's studio amongst other things.

Henrietta Studio

Casa Henrietta's own ceramic flowers. You can spot them throughout the hotel. Take a piece of Henrietta with you. She knocks them out like there's no tomorrow.
Check out more Henrietta stuff in our Etsy shop and on Instagram.

Adelle Hickey

Hailing from Dublin, she came to the village and returned. The Art of Connecting notebooks are beautifully hand-made notebooks with embossed covers in different sizes and colours. As quaint as she is.

Yukiko Kitahara

A Japanese artist based in Seville for over 20 years. She makes the most beautiful porcelain pieces. The collection we have is called “Use and don´t throw away”, based on paper and plastic cups made into porcelain.
In 2016 she won the national price for best artisan in Spain. Her work is also sold in museums such as Thyssen and Picasso.
Her grandfather used to say to her when she was a young girl that she should be like porcelain; looking fragile from the outside but with strong energy and very resistant. We have a selection of her work but we also have a catalogue where you can order from.

Lanas del Rio

A small weaving mill run by Paul and Dawn in the mountains of Gaucín. They make the most amazing alpaca blankets, cashmere shawls and woollen scarfs. Their designs and colour schemes are very attractive. By appointment they welcome visitors to their mill which is just over a 30min drive from Jimena. It is well worth the visit even just for its breathtaking setting.


Morocco is so close to Jimena that you can almost touch it on clear days. You can be in Tangiers in an hour and a half. 
We bring over handmade pieces that we sell at the shop, such as carpets, puffs, leather bags, ceramics, fabrics, and baskets. 
La Fenicia takes couples or small groups on  shopping trips to Morocco, and she will even barter for you. If you are interested in this please get in contact with us

Ingrid McMillan

Sweet german artist that lives up on the hills. In the shop we have interesting etchings of animals, beautiful stained glass and cards done by collage.
Ingrid is a cat lover and owns many of them, her work is very related to the to her relationship with her animals. All her work as a small story behind it that she will be quite happy to tell you. A couple of times a year she does open house where you can see her bright studio full of her work.
Her work is very popular in our atelier.

Liliana Montoya

Colombian artist that grew up in England and is now based in Ronda. Liliana works alongside her husband Carlos making ceramics. She has porcelain, earthenware and earthenware pieces in the shop. They also run weekend courses in Rakú.

Angela Morgan

Angela Morgan has been based in the surroundings of Jimena for over 35 years and has a passion for crochet. She makes beautiful shawls with Egyptian cotton, and is also making a series of puffs with lovely details. In the shop she also has some gorgeous pieces of vintage furniture for sale. And she's also Melissa's mum.


Platónica is the name of this company that makes jewellery, based in Granada and run by Sheila Camarera and Miguel Díaz Pomo. Their connection to Jimena is that they are friends of friends and come up to the village often.
The collection we have in our shop is called Bauhaus. It is a very creative and colourful collection with beautiful shapes.

Gonzalo Polo

Gonzalo Polo is an artist hailing from Madrid, that mainly works with metal and wood. He makes sculptures using rustic tools as a material which he turns into birds or other animals. His pieces can be quite large, and the result is beautiful.
Over the years he has done a lot of work for us in the hotel, creating nice corners. He complains a hell of a lot in the process but the result is always worth it (probably like childbirth).

Lupe Quirós

Self taught potter who has done many of the ceramic murals you can see scattered around the village. She mainly does small pieces now. Lupe loves selling and organizing the local craft markets in the village.

David Solis

David Solis is great fun and he probably has the loudest laugh of the village, or maybe even of southern Spain. He is a Renaissance-style painter and an opera singer.
He has a good few paintings hanging in our restaurant. In the shop he has a few sketches on very light fabric.
At the moment he is interested in meeting someone. He likes men who like or have respect for art, and like hiking. Physically he doesn't have any major preferences.

Lisa Stokes

Lisa is a lovely creative german woman, who has the sweetest laugh. To describe Lisa in one word it would have be “perfection”. She prints all fabric by hand in her amazing studio down by the river. She makes cushions, bags, dresses and takes commissions. She is married to Roderic, a brilliant artist who likes to make a clear distinction between what is art and what is craft. This is craft.

You can check out more of Lisa´s fabrics in Instagram and Etsy.

Anja Tiedemann and Juan Ángel

Juan Ángel and Anja Tiedemann have a company that fabricates fancy dresses and installations for many events. The main material they work with is foam. In their spare time they make wooden toys for kids. They are very oldie worldly, very sweet. Juan Ángel is almost 60 years old and has more energy than all us put together, how does he do it?

Heike Tiedemann

A german landscape and interior designer based in Jimena for almost 40 years. Her brother Klaus was one of the first hippies that arrived in the 60s to the Castle of Castellar, when it was an abandoned village. Heike makes lovely woollen socks. She loves linen fabric and she makes tablecloths, dresses, waistcoats, aprons and cushions. She also likes drawing with felt tips on fabric which she includes in her work.